Tech Diplomacy Newsletter 9-23

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Report Release: Governing the Digital Future

We are pleased to announce the release of Tech Diplomacy Network co-founder Patricia Gruver-Barr and Gordon LaForge’s new report for New America, analyzing artificial intelligence and algorithmic decision-making, digital access and divides, data protection and data sovereignty, digital identity and surveillance, and transnational cybercrime as key areas driving political and social upheaval globally, and resulting impacts on technology and digital governance landscapes. Their groundbreaking research ultimately identifies “an over-concentration of power and severe power asymmetries are causing conflict, harm, and governance dysfunction in the digital domain.” Read more of the report’s findings, and its recommendations for moving towards strong, reliable digital governance, here.

Interview with Waldemar Zeiler

Tech Diplomacy Network CEO Christina Steinbrecher-Pfandt spoke with Waldemar Zeiler, the co-founder of Einhorn Energy: Revolutionizing Solar Panels for Compact Spaces, about being a serial entrepreneur and author at the forefront of tackling twenty-first century challenges with his latest venture. The innovative solar panel company is making remarkable strides in utilizing the smallest available spaces for harnessing solar power. Together, they delve into his journey, his vision for Einhorn Energy, and the profound impact his efforts are having on both societal norms and sustainable practices.

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