Tech Diplomacy Newsletter 4-24

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Martin Rauchbauer, Christina Steinbrecher-Pfandt, Isabella Thomas, Markus Kornprobst

Edited by Sarah Hesterman


Event Recap: Tech Diplomacy Workshop

On April 6th, the Tech Diplomacy Network, international relations scholars Corneliu Bjola and Markus Kornprobst, and Open Austria held a successful workshop in San Francisco, providing a forum to discuss all things tech diplomacy, the importance of multistakeholder engagement, and capacity building. 

Presentations included “Studying Tech Diplomacy: Technology, Agency and Order” from Corneliu and Markus, “Sharing the Same Playground: Chances and Limits of Private Sector Inclusion in Diplomacy Practices” from Katharina Höne, DiploFoundation’s Director of Research, and “Technology for Whom and for What? A Global South View of Tech Diplomacy,” from Eugenio Vargas Garcia, a tech diplomat at the Consulate General of Brazil in San Francisco. The event allowed for rich debate, paper presentations, and the exchange of ideas amongst key players in the field.

Stay tuned for announcements of upcoming events as we continue our work to foster collaboration and dialogue between governments, civil society, academia, and the tech industry!

Categorized as Newsletter